New Features


Sections allow you to outline your screenplay right inside ezScript. Simply press the # key to add a section header. To change the header level you can either keep pressing the # until you reach the desired level, or press the Ctrl/Command key and one of the number keys. Sections are for your reference only and won’t be printed.


Synopses elements allow you to create notes for yourself during outlining as to the purpose of each section or scene. To add a synopses, press the = key. Again, these are for your reference and won’t be printed.

Fountain Formatting

I improved the exporting of fountain files a little by adding some spacing before dialogue, parenthetical, character, and transition elements.


I’ve had a few people report a bug where their screenplays loaded and every element was an action element. If you experience this, please send a sample to support@maven-software.com and I’ll get it fixed.

ezScript Update – v0.352

  • Fixed an issue where scene headers would be inaccurately detected
  • Added support for the notes and source metadata elements.

ezScript Update – v0.351

Fixing a few bugs this time.

  • Fixed an issue with the final draft importer where it would fill every element with empty text.
  • The page count is now updated after cut and paste operations.

ezScript Update – v0.350

I added a few features with this update.

  • Copy/paste functionality.
  • File deletion.
  • FDX Import
  • New Issue reporting site

ezScript Update – v0.321

ezScript Update – v0.320

ezScript Update – v0.310

Another small update. I fixed a bug in the previous update that kept screenplays loaded from a file from behaving correctly. Also, the element display in the lower-right corner of the app allows you to manually select the type of element instead of having to tab through every one.

ezScript Update – v0.300

I made a few more automatic elements. Now when you’re in a dialog element and you want to change it to a parenthetical, just type ‘(‘. If you’re editing an action element type a character name in all caps and hit enter and it will turn into a character element. Finally, if you end a line with ‘to:’ once you hit enter it will change into a transition.

I added a small improvement to the tab key, now when you hold shift and press tab the element types will change in reverse of their normal order.

When you have modified the screenplay since the last save, an asterisk will show next to the title.

ezScript Update – v0.201

Now when you type int. or ext. at the start of any type of element, it will change to a scene header.